Our Network

We believe in networks & partnerships to leverage the strengths of innovation.

We love bringing corporates, startups, technologists, experts & consultants together to exchange perspectives and join forces to get things done. In these highly dynamic times where technological advancements happen so rapidly, we add value by curating the best partners across industries & subjects. Check out a selection of our Partners and startups below.
  • Future Candy
  • The Play Room
  • Big Rep
  • Mobility Goes Additive
  • Institut Für Internet
  • FactWorks
  • J2C
  • i Potentials
  • Visa Commerce Solutions
  • Hackerstolz
  • hellofarm Design Studio
  • Piabo
  • Sclable
  • Sennder
  • Friedman Berlin
  • Get Your Pilot
  • German Auto Labs
  • Figo
  • Hyko
  • N3xtcoder
  • Numa
  • Talent Space