Spielfeld fuels innovation, unlocks creativity and ignites the minds of a community working towards digital transformation. We facilitate collaborations and conversations between key industries and innovators, the established and the new.

Our curated co-working spaces are where corporates and startups sit side-by-side, creating an inspiring atmosphere and open environment intuitive of knowledge sharing and collaboration.
Through our infrastructure, connections to emerging technologies and world-class network, we bring different perspectives together and foster the innovation of organisations by enabling the people who drive them.
Situated in the heart of Berlin with direct access to the exciting and ever-changing startup ecosystem, Spielfeld offers a specially built design thinking room; The Spielfeld Playroom, and two new technology labs; The Future Lab and Spielfeld 3D Printing Lab. These spaces of inspiration give visitors the chance to get hands-on, master new working methodologies and experience the very latest in technological innovation.

The Principles of Spielfeld are what we and our community live by in order to achieve our collective and individual goals.

Be Generous

Share knowledge and experiences

Ask Questions

Encourage continuous learning

Stay Curious

Don’t fear the new and disruptive

Be Open

Believe in the power of cross-industry engagement

Support Others

Enable and empower those seeking change

Better Together

A community that works together, stays together

Be Adventurous

Staying creative and open-minded brings new opportunities

Drive Change

Help those seeking change get where they want to be

A joint venture between German management consultancy, Roland Berger and Visa Europe, Spielfeld was born out of a realisation of the need for a space that enabled both companies to come together with established industries, amidst the inspirational and vibrant Berlin startup ecosystem, to support their digital transformation.


Spielfeld Digital Hub is home to The Visa Innovation Center Berlin. The Visa Innovation Center is a dedicated space where Visa works with clients and partners to address their own individual needs and business challenges through design thinking and co-creation sessions.

Roland Berger works with top level executives from traditional industries to help them decipher relevant digital topics whilst equipping them with the skills and capabilities needed to succeed in the digital world. They inspire and drive the transformation of organisation's cultural perspectives, through the mastering of new cross-functional working methodologies all whilst encouraging openness, collaboration and rapid working.