Our Team

Meet our international team to help you get the most out of Spielfeld Digital Hub.

Dr.Julia Oppermann
Managing Director

Julia is Co-Managing Director of Spielfeld. She is partner of the Competence Centre Digital at Roland Berger and responsible for all strategic decisions at the hub. Working in consulting and digitization since more than 10 years, she has a strong focus on digital transformation. You may find the passionate traveller in remote areas in the southern hemisphere. If not, she is motivating us with a can-do-now attitude that saves us a coffee a morning.

Michael Hoffmann
Managing Director

Michael is co-founder and fellow Managing Director of Spielfeld Digital Hub. In parallel to this he runs Visa Innovation Centre Berlin, the innovation lab of Visa Europe, which has its home at Spielfeld Digital Hub. He evaluates and tests new ideas and solutions to help define the payments landscape of the future.

Björn Grindberg
General Manager

Björn is Spielfeld’s new General Manager and responsible for all operations at the hub. He is firmly established in the startup industry and knows his lot about scaling startups internationally. When taking his mind of work, the trained dive instructor is happy to face any sharks in the pond. We therefore keep an eye on his oxygen levels at all times.🦈

Marie Kowollik
Senior Office & Member Manager

Marie is our super woman aka Senior Office & Member Manager. A team member since 2016 (alter Hase), the studied Political Scientist knows everything and everyone at Spielfeld. We rely on her experience and balancing nature. To keep up her own balance, the nature lover is regularly active in environmental and social engagements. All green thumbs up!

Selina-Claire Müller
Office & Feelgood Manager

Truly well connected and experienced in the Berlin digital landscape, Selina is now Head of our Welcome Desk. Her job includes the team lead and feel good management. She is one well humored kind person that everyone likes to be close to. When not sharing and caring for team and members, she likes to put the dancing shoes on, preferably her ballet shoes. Grand-plié.

Claudia Klune
Senior Event Manager

Since moving to Berlin in 2008 to study Social Sciences, Claudia has worked as a Research Assistant and a freelancer in event management. At Spielfeld she is responsible for the execution of a variety of different events, working with the clients to help them realise their ideas regarding conferences, seminars, networking-events and workshops.

Per Poulsen
Director of Strategic Innovation

Per is Director of Strategic Innovation. With an education as a visual artist and a background that spans from planning logistics routes, creating award winning ads, developing functional designs and fabricating virtual experiences he’s prepared for any briefing you can think of.

Dorottya Szep
Senior Event and Partnerships Manager

Dori's role at Spielfeld combines her experience in event management and her interest in technology. She moved to Berlin from Budapest 5 years ago and has worked on several different projects since then, which enabled her to make great connections around the city. Her aim is to help Spielfeld build an excellent reputation within not only the Berlin but also the European tech community.

Johannes Schumacher
Future Lab Manager

Johannes is Spielfeld's Future Lab Manager. Responsible for taking Spielfeld visitors through the Future Lab experience, he also maintains the lab ensuring that it has the most innovative and up-to-date gadgets available. He is currently studying a Masters in Production Technology at the TU Berlin.

Paul Vogel
Finance & Controlling Officer

Paul is responsible for finance and controlling at Spielfeld. His friendly outgoing personality, mixed with a true Berlin humor, makes him the perfect person to meet first thing in the morning. Your mood will automatically be good.

Johannes Scheufele
Working Student Business Development

Johannes is the Spielfeld Excel-Guru. Responsible for Business and Finance he optimizes our internal processes and supports our controlling. In the meantime he studies business administration. You simply have to like him for cracking the Excel jack-pot so passionately: it takes true determination and nerdish by nature-ness. SUMIFS(A3:A10,B3:B:10,B13,C3:C10,A13)

John Michael
In-house Graphic Designer

John Michael is responsible for all things visual at Spielfeld. Originally from Australia, he moved to Berlin 2 years ago to pursue the life of a freelancer. When he is not in the zone solving design problems, he can be found creating our brand look and feel.

Sofie Busker
Assistant Office Manager

She is an architect, a passionate (hobby)chef, a sports addict and a Späti-hopping true Berliner. Oh and she is also minding our welcome desk, ensuring that members, guests and colleagues have the best Spielfeld experience possible. Honestly - does she ever sleep?

Laura Duchnicki
Assistant Office Manager

Laura is one of our friendly Assistant Office Managers. The true Berliner, born and raised just a drop away form Spielfeld, adds local expertise to our cosmopolitain team. She is in her last undergrad term in political and social science. If you can't see her you may hear her. Turn your radio on to Berlin Campusradio couchFM.

Meike Bingemann
Event & Community Manager

Meike is Event Manager & Community Manager at Spielfeld. The organisational talent has a Master’s Degree in International Economics and a keen interest in digital solutions with social impact. When curating events at Spielfeld she keeps an eye on sustainability topics. Feel free to get in touch with her if you have an idea to support her initiative!

Laura Stockhaus
Event Manager

Laura is Event Manager at Spielfeld and responsible for creating unforgettable moments in our hub. The (true!) Berliner has a professional training in event management - just watch her multitasking and you know you’re in the best hands. But don’t be fooled: A tough management comes along with a warm nature - we feel truely blessed to have Laura on board.

Marlen Thieme
Junior Innovation Strategist

Marlen is Junior Innovation Strategist at Spielfeld. The (true!) Berliner studied Media Management in Halle/Saale & at the Bauhaus University Weimar and travelled the world from Schöneberg to Australia. Her knowledge in innovation management is a great asset to our workshop designs, her friendly character and sharp brain simply an enrichment to our team.

Johanna Dreyer
Junior Innovation Strategist

Johanna is a Junior Innovation Strategist at Spielfeld. The Malmö University-bread Media Development expert is inspired by people, interested in disruptive technologies and seeks to solve business problems with a human-centered approach. With her positive and considerate character, Johanna supports us and our clients to think outside the box and tap into their creative spirit.

Prof. Dr. Björn Bloching
Senior Partner & Global Head of Digital Activities, Roland Berger

Björn is a founding father of Spielfeld Digital Hub. He is both a senior Partner and global head of digital activities for Roland Berger. He specialises in big/smart data and quantitative marketing.

Dr. Jochen Ditsche
Senior Partner Digital, Roland Berger

Jochen is a Partner in the Digital Competence Centre of Roland Berger. An expert in digitization processes, Jochen has been advising clients across a wide range of industries since 2008, including telecommunications, financial services and automotive. He specializes in establishing new sales strategies.

Per Breuer
Partner & the Head of Global Human Resources, Roland Berger

Per is a Partner and the Head of Global Human Resources at Roland Berger. His projects have covered everything from change management and education to training, the consequences of demographic change and combining career & family.

Stephen McCue
Director, Commercial Law, Visa

Stephen is a very business focused lawyer with deep experience in technology and innovation. He currently leads Visa Europe’s Commercial Law team and was responsible for the Spielfeld Digital Hub partnership with Roland Berger.

Bill Gajda
Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships Visa

Bill is the Global Head of Strategic Partnerships, responsible for VISA’s relationships with Mobile Network Operators, Device Manufacturers, and Global Platform Providers and Systems Integrators. He also leads the ‘VISA Ready’ and Venture Capital programs.

We are always on the lookout for passionate industry professionals to help us grow. Send us an email if you think you could be a great fit for the Spielfeld team!