What’s On @ SPF: We delve into “The Future of Organisations”

What’s On @ SPF: We delve into “The Future of Organisations”

Future of Organizations with Code Control

1st March, 7 pm @ Spielfeld Digital Hub

We’re thrilled to announce the second in the series of the Code Control “Future of …” series here at Spielfeld on March 1st!

Organizations are facing an upheaval. As employees demand more freedom and flexibility from their work, companies are asking themselves the big question; ‘How do I create the most productive and rewarding work experience possible?’
Three speakers from three different backgrounds will share how they are redesigning organizations from the inside out.

// Speakers //

New Work & The Fair Condom Revolution
Elisa Naranjo, Head of Fairstainability at einhorn

einhorn, one of the world’s first vegan condom companies, is used to doing things a little differently. Famous for their fair and sustainable (‘fairstainability’) approach, they’re constructing a new work culture with self-organizing teams, transparent and democratic salaries, and plenty of holidays.
Elisa will share the ups and downs of creating and adopting these new work concepts within their organization.

The Remote Revolution
Florian Michalik, CEO of Team of Talents & Co-creator of the Remote Agile Framework

Coworking spaces, telecommuting, mobile work, offshoring, digital nomads and the gig economy: the time of working together from 9 to 5 in an office is over. But how does this reflect in the way we collaborate and interact with each other? And how do we have to change in order to survive the remote revolution?
In this keynote, Florian will share his thoughts and vision of human-centric remote collaboration.

Holacracy: How ‘doing it live’ changed my life
Matt Hallmann, Country Lead Germany at Springest

Organizational structures that were developed during the industrial revolution no longer work in our fast-paced world. Companies and employees need to be able to adapt to this high-speed economy. How can self-organisation help you accomplish this? As both an individual and as a collective? And how does this new form of work reduce your stress and boost productivity in an economy where exponential growth is desired?
Matt will share his experience at Springest and discuss how they’re scaling the company into an exponential organisation with Holacracy.

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