Fueling innovation, unlocking creativity and igniting the minds of a community working towards digital transformation.

At Spielfeld Digital Hub we help established industries master digitalization and develop the skills to stay ahead of the game. Learn more about us.

Traditional industries are increasingly aware of the need to stay ahead of the game. Whether it be mastering new working methodologies or increasing their engagement with disruptive players, Spielfeld offers corporates the platform to experiment.
Spielfeld is home to multiple startups, and offers the perfect environment for uniting the new working world and the established corporate one. Drop us an email to find out how to join our startup ecosystem.
We offer a creative and modern working environment, that enables our community to kick-start a journey towards digital transformation. Learn more about our space below.
Community & Events
We curate an open and diverse community with both an entrepreneurial and corporate spirit that connects perspectives. We do this by hosting innovative and inspiring events and formats that foster continuous learning. Contact us to find out what we have coming up or if you are interested in hosting your own.
Our first-class network of 'makers' provides a constant source of knowledge and practical support for our community to bridge gaps of capabilities and accelerate execution. Find out more about our network.

Workshops & Projects
We facilitate partnerships between our maker's network and clients, offering an interface to innovation through groundbreaking workshops, projects and The Spielfeld Academy, a series of tailored session, which breaks down the process of digital transformation into manageable steps.
We have the tools to help traditional industries along their journey to digital transformation. From our dedicated technology rooms, where you can test out the newest technological gadgets to Spielfeld Camp, our community for crowdsourced innovation. Get in touch for more information.

Located in a formal postal distribution centre in the heart of Berlin, Spielfeld Digital Hub is split across three floors with over 2500² of space, several event spaces, eight meeting rooms, three corporate satellites, +100 desks, new technology spaces, three kitchens and large breakout areas.

The Space

"Spielfeld is the perfect intersection point where startups and corporates can come together to network and share experiences”

Clemens Riedl, Serial Entrepreneur
How to find us

Spielfeld Digital Hub can be found in the district of Kreuzberg, the heart of Berlin's start-up ecosystem. Historically a rebellious epicentre of the city, it continues to be so in the digital age, harbouring the highest density of businesses accepting bitcoins in the world.

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