Sustainability at Spielfeld

At Spielfeld we consider the environmental and social impact of everything we do. We reduce emissions wherever possible and offset those we can’t avoid. We take a holistic approach to sustainability and use the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a guide.

This list is just the beginning. We are continuously analyzing and updating our business practices to work towards social and environmental sustainability goals. If you have any questions or if you have suggestions for how we can improve, please contact our Climate Officer.

Sustainable Organization

Transparency: We work with Leaders For Climate Action to take direct action against climate change. See the steps we’ve taken on our dedicated microsite. We also participate in their Time for Climate Action Campaign each year.
Read our full sustainability strategy here.
Community: Spielfeld is home to a network of organizations committed to social good and combating climate change. Click to learn more about our community's sustainability initiatives.
Equal Opportunities: We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage all to apply. We participate in regular workshops and trainings to ensure that our team is aligned with inclusivity goals.
Coworking: Communal and multi-use spaces are an important part of the sharing economy. By sharing office space and materials, our community cuts back on superfluous consumption and limits the impact that they have on the environment.
Climate Officer: Our appointed Climate Officer is responsible for taking an annual review of emissions to determine where we can reduce our impact. We then offset unavoidable emissions with accredited partners.
Management: Sustainability is a priority for our management and advisory board who support efforts both strategically and financially to ensure they have impact.
Online Work: As a digital hub we prioritise and advocate for online and hybrid workspaces and tools. By focusing on online solutions we discourage unnecessary use of paper materials and limit emissions related to travel.
Work-Life Balance: We prioritize the overall health of our employees and support a healthy work/life balance. We are a flexible employer and work to accommodate the different needs and lifestyles of our team.
Procurement: We adhere to a sustainable procurement guideline. Our suppliers must ensure fair working conditions, prioritize the health and safety of employees, minimize emissions caused by long distance transport, prioritize local and seasonal products, work to protect biodiversity, minimize waste and energy and conserve natural resources.

Climate Neutral Office

Suppliers: Spielfeld is a fully-serviced coworking space. We provide drinks, snacks, stationery and toiletries and we work with sustainable suppliers wherever possible. We make sure that our partners are also ecologically and socially friendly businesses.
Energy: Spielfeld is powered by 100% renewable energy from Green Planet Energy.
Accessibility: Three of Spielfeld’s large event venues and our ground floor office spaces are wheelchair accessible. In 2022 we took part in an audit and began undergoing changes to ensure that our space is accessible to as many people as possible. Learn more here.
Plants: We have a “no cut flowers'' policy and instead use potted plants to decorate our space. We propagate from existing plants and use soil from our worm farm to pot fresh cuttings and to fertilize bee-friendly plants for our outdoor courtyard.
Water: We have water taps with still and sparkling water available on all floors. We provide glass carafes and encourage members to use reusable water bottles.
Waste: We make recycling easy by providing bins in every office and clearly labelled recycling and compost stations in every kitchen. We have a worm farm that processes organic food waste into soil that we use for potted plants.
Website: Our website is certified “green” by the Green Web Foundation.
Getting Here: Spielfeld is located in Berlin’s city center and we encourage guests and members to travel by bike or public transport.

Sustainable Events

Certified Partner of Sustainable Meetings Berlin: In 2023 Spielfeld took part in an in-depth audit that analyzed and rated our business practices against an extensive list of economic, social and ecological sustainability goals. We received a certification as an "Advanced Performer."
Learn more about the program.
Hybrid & Virtual Events: Spielfeld offers virtual and hybrid event services. Allowing virtual participants helps limit emissions related to business travel and makes events more accessible.
Catering: We have a strictly “no meat” policy for team and member events. We encourage external event clients to consider vegetarian and vegan options and highly recommend a “no beef” policy for event catering.
Food Waste: Although we try to order only exactly as much food as our guests need, we often we have leftovers after events. We always offer leftovers to our coworking community when the event day is over. If there is still food left, we offer it on To Good To Go.  
Utensils: We have reusable utensils and dishes on every floor and try to avoid single-use utensils and dishes. If single-use is necessary (due to COVID regulations, for example), we always opt for biodegradable materials.
Materials: We encourage event customers to avoid unnecessary and/or plastic promotional materials and gifts. If goodies are a must, we are happy to provide a list of sustainable merchandise and promotional materials suppliers.
Accommodation: We have a list of sustainable accommodations for customers traveling to Berlin. We encourage guests to travel by public transportation and are happy to arrange shuttle bus services for guests to travel as a group (instead of with individual taxis).
Offsetting: Clients can choose to offset the emissions related to their events. We calculate emissions and provide a list of accredited partners to compensate with.

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